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Commit Hub is a central place where all data from all commits are pushed to by VCS commit hooks and checked against defined rules. IT also can check those commits data against various of external data surces e.g:

  • Atlassian JIRA
  • SQL Database (integrated by custom rules)
  • Third Party Systems (integrated by custom rules)

The architecture of the plugin is described by diagram below:

%%{init: {'theme':'default'}}%% graph TD U(Developer) A{CommitHub} B[Subversion] C[GIT] D[Mercurial] E[Bitbucket] F((Atlassian Jira)) G((SQL Database)) H((Third Party System)) style A fill:#86aeef,stroke:#000,stroke-width:2px,stroke-dasharray: 5, 5 U --> |Commit|B U --> |Commit|C U --> |Commit|D U --> |Commit|E B --> |Commit Check|A C --> |Commit Check|A D --> |Commit Check|A E --> |Commit Check|A A --> |Get Data|F A --> |Get Data|G A --> |Get Data|H
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