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Supported Repositories

Currently only GIT repository is supported as custom rule repository with authentication types:

  • none
  • SSH key
  • credentials (username and password)

Repository Layout

The layout of custom rules repository is very simple. Loading custom Rules from external repository service search recursively for all Rule classes (.groovy files) in your GIT repository. Loaded custom Rules are automatically visible and ready to select in Rulesets configuration.

Configure Custom Rule Repository

In order to add custom rule repository please follow these steps:

  • go to your JIRA Administratorion Panel
  • go to Add-ons tab
  • go to Commit Hub Global Configuration
  • click on configure on rule repository item

After that you will be asked for input of your repository details and after clicking save Commit Hub will index your repository and after short delay you will be able to use your rules.

Rule Changes Refresh

One of the configuration options in configuration of the custom Rule repository is Cron Expression which tells Commit Hub how often it should look for changes in GIT Repository. The service will check for those updates in those intervals and index them. After that your changes will be ready to use in all Rulesets.

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