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Repository Setup


Commit-Hub hook scripts requires:

  • Python > 2.4 installed and its executable available in /usr/bin/python
  • svn client installed and its executable available in PATH
  • Network connection between machnine where hook is executed (client machine or server) and JIRA instance with Commit-Hub installed

Download hook script

In order to download pre-configured hook script for SVN repository please go to JIRA Administration and then:

  • Navigate to Add-ons Section
  • Navigate to Rulesets in Commit Hub section:
  • No please select which ruleset should be configure and click on his Hook Setup button:
  • After popup will apear please click on Download SVN button

Installing hook script

After downloding preconfigured hook script please unzip it and place in SVN_ROOT/REPOSITORY/HOOKS on Subversion server where SVN_ROOT is place on server where all repositories are placed and REPOSITORY is name of repository that you are configuring.
Please make sure that script is executable.

Configure hook script

The hook script is automaticly configured to your JIRA instance and ruleset before downloading it form Commit-Hub but in some cases there is a need of additional configuration:

  • Paths to svn or python are different than default
  • Configurated address of JIRA instance is different than address that hook script should access ruleset

Test integration

After successfull copying of the hook script you can now configure your ruleset and commit changes to svn repository to see if you get acceptance and rejection of the commits.

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